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Professional-Grade Design

As we all know, design tools can never be fast enough – especially when working with large assemblies and drawings. Building on work we have been implementing over the past few releases, Inventor 2018 delivers significant performance improvements for customers who need to open, update and navigate faster within their Inventor assemblies and drawings. Based on feedback from customers during the alpha and beta testing of Inventor 2018, users are seeing speed improvements from 2X-10X on their designs.
We have also seen customer demand for tighter integration between design and manufacturing, as well an industry push toward Model Based Engineering (MBE). We added an entirely new set of functionality in the 2018 version by including integrated Model Based Definition (MBD) as part of every seat. Tolerance features are automatically recognized using an embedded GD&T engine, which allows designers to create fully constrained models. Users will also be able to leverage MBD data for downstream consumption (tolerance analysis, CMM, CAM, etc.). Finally, Inventor 2018 allows for publishing 3D PDF and STEP AP242 of part files with MBD and 3DA information included.


Mechanical design is more than parametric modeling

The latest release of Inventor delivers customer-driven enhancements to core design tools and new capabilities for engineers managing complex development projects.

3D CAD software for modeling and simulation

Inventor and Inventor Professional mechanical design and 3D CAD software includes: freeform, direct, and parametric modeling options; design automation tools; and advanced simulation and visualization tools.

Product design and modeling

Shape Generator
You specify the function while Inventor creates the perfect form.

Parametric modeling (enhanced)
Focus on the design, not the interface.

Assembly modeling
Put it all together, in fewer steps.

Drawing creation
Quickly create clear and detailed drawings.

Flexible modeling
Use freeform, direct, or parametric modeling.

Direct modeling
Quickly make edits.

Freeform modeling
Take a fluid approach toward modeling.

Mechanical concept and layout design
Start with AutoCAD, finish in Inventor.

Plastic parts design
Form, fit, function, and manufacturability of plastic parts.

Sheet metal design
Design complex sheet metal products.

Design automation

Automated product configuration
Product configurators without complex programming.

Part and assembly design automation
Automate common part and feature variations.

Component generators and calculators
Design more accurately with calculators and component generators.

Automated frame design
Quickly design and test structural frames.

Electromechanical design
Link your Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical data.

Automated tube and pipe design (enhanced)
Get precise hose, tube, and pipe runs.

Interoperability and CAD collaboration

3D PDF export
Create 3D documentation that anyone can open.

Printed circuit board (PCB) interoperability
Combine your PCB and mechanical designs.

Work with non-native data (enhanced)
Maintain an associative link to non-native CAD data.

BIM interoperability (enhanced)
Get your products designed-in.

Data management
Use a file manager made just for engineers.

Simulation and visualization

Exploded views and animations
Expose all the parts inside your design.

Dynamic simulation
Conduct advanced motion studies of your design.

Stress analysis
Evaluate design decisions as you make them.

Visualization and rendering
Create photorealistic renderings of your product.